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Our products are manufactured from raw materials of the highest quality with health certificates and are processed to be used in foods which are used in industries including:

Cold cuts, Fresh and Processed Meat and Poultry, Dairy-processed cheeses, Potato-Vegetable-Pickles, Olives, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Fish-Shellfish, Sauces, Dried food and pre-cooked food for pasteurization from dining places.


The vacuum bags available in two different thicknesses, normal of 90 microns and hard for Heavy-hard or sharp products of 160 microns.

We manufacture any size requested from 8cm wide and more, upon request.

Our products are available unprinted, serving small amounts but also printed with 4 and 6 colors by the flexographic method or pantone colors, or full color.

They have a strong gluing on one side and can be delivered with fixed or a running printing.


The shrink bags are available with a thickness that depends on their quality, of 40, 45 and 50 microns in a transparent with excellent clarity and shrinkage but also on a colored base.

They are available in small amounts, unprinted, but also with a high quality printing, upon request.

With three different qualities, FCX for cheese products which continue to mature inside the packaging, ensuring the preservation of the product up until its consumption, in FME for cold cut products, meat and cheese and TRE exclusively for meat products, achieving with a thicker thickness, a more durable protective package until its consumption.


The films, in rolls of high impermeability PA/PE (soft) and APET/PE (hard) are available in soft and hard materials, suitable for all of the packaging machines thermoforming in a vacuum or modified atmosphere, offering an attractive presentation for meat, sausage, fish, and cheese.

They are available in a variety of hard down films and in soft up-down films, in a transparent or white color. The aforementioned films are also offered with a flexographic printing.


Lifespan: The vacuum packaging increases the lifespan of food products. Here, the product is placed in its packaging, the air is sucked out and the package is sealed. With the thermoforming packaging, by adding nitrogen, we extend its lifespan.

By monitoring the oxygen levels in the packaging (we reduce them or eliminate them with suitable materials that offer extra blocking -barrier-EVOH), we are preventing the ability of microorganisms to grow and spoil the product as well as reducing their oxidation, a process that causes, for example, apples and bananas to turn brown.